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Reincarnation - Cycle of Opportunity
Dr. Robert Chaney

REINCARNATION--you've heard about it, wondered about it, perhaps already made up your mind whether it really exists. But do you understand it? Do you think that once you die you will never again return to Earth? Do you think if you are reincarnated you will come back as a rabbit, fly or flower? Are you afraid life has "passed you by" and it's too late to realize your real dreams and ambitions? Read this wonderfully informative booklet by Robert Chaney.

Let its pages give you answers you've long been seeking.
* Is reincarnation a necessity or an opportunity?
* What will my journey be like through the higher planes?
* Must I be a baby again?
* Who was I in my last life? Is that important?
* Do I want to come back? Must I?
* Do I really have control over who I'll be when I return?
* How long before I can return?
* What will I learn or must I learn before I can return?
* How do I incarnate?
* What is the metaphysical mystery of the seed atoms vs. genes?

You will find simple, straightforward answers to these questions and more about reincarnation. Within these pages you will find the unique opportunity to understand and come to grips with your own feelings about reincarnation and what role it plays in your spiritual future. Reincarnation. The very word evokes strong emotional and philosophical responses in just about all of us. Not too long ago you couldn't even talk about it in public without raising a few eyebrows of doubt or frowns of scorn. That's all changed. Countless works of fiction and numerous movies have used reincarnation as their theme or as a background. Unfortunately, while the general public is better aware of reincarnation now then ever before, chances are that rebirth is no better understood. Reincarnation is much more than a review of the various, often difficult philosophies and beliefs surrounding rebirth. If offers important answers to important questions. Robert Chaney has developed, through years of research, study and meditation, some of the most revolutionary and successful techniques for spiritual instruction and has a unique gift for teaching. His book, Reincarnation: Cycle of Opportunity, is an excellent example of that gift. 54 pages.

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