Pranic Facial

Look Younger Naturally,

    experience Pranic Facelift, the new revolutionary Pranic Healing beauty treatment

Receive these unique energy healing sessions to re-vitalize and tone your face and neck. Restore the natural glow and radiance.
Pranic Facial, our best-selling Energy Beauty Program, provides the essential elements of facial skin care but in the context of a no-touch no-drug energy healing.

During the session, we remove stress-related energies that are deeply embedded into the facial tissue. Then we gently moisturize, tone and re-generate by applying pranic energy techniques. The treatment is done by a proficient advanced pranic healer with the use of a laser healing crystal.

By our results, we have won over volunteers who otherwise would have used Botox collagen injection or surgical facelift. With this treatment, you will not only look better but feel better too. In fact, every person may want to add the Pranic Facial Program to their present facial skincare regimen.

The Pranic Facial Program is a safe, simple alternative approach in the hope of achieving a wrinkle-free, stress-free and youthful looking face.

To see the most rapid results, the candidate for this treatment should be in good health, be receptive to the techniques, should follow the recommended sessions and guidelines.


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