Your First Visit

Your first visit to a Pranic Healer should be an enlightening and pleasant experience in a home-like atmosphere. As Pranic Healers we do not diagnose any condition, therefore you should describe your problem or provide medical diagnosis to a healer. If a problem is emotional or psychological, you don't need to explain all private details. The specifics of the situation could be limited to a more general description depending on your level of comfort. However, for physical conditions, a more detailed explanation is usually helpful. Also tell us if you have any allergies to essential oils and minerals as we do use healing sprays during the session.

After a short conversation, the session begins. During the session, you will seat in a chair in a relaxed comfortable position in your normal clothes. There won't be any physical contact with your physical body. Try to completely relax and let go of any thoughts, unless otherwise instructed by a healer. Refrain from talking during the session.

Discover the loving healing power of Pranic Healing

Healing session in progress

Our professional certified pranic healer will first scan the patient's energy field to find out the energetic abnormalities, the cause of the patient's distress. Next, the healer attempts to release and remove the diseased or damaged energy. Finally, fresh, healing and revitalizing energy is channeled into the body, setting in motion the process of recovery.  

After the session, feel free to provide any comments of your experiences.