Healers Club

Maintain Good Health. Become a Better Pranic Energy Healer.


Healers Club is a sharing circle opened to all graduates of Pranic Healing classes. The purpose of the Healers Club is two-fold:

  • apply regular preventive self healing for pranic healers to stay in a top-notch physical and emotional shape;
  • keep current with the pranic healing techniques; update and improve the skills working with pranic energy.

Format of 2-hour session:

  • 1st hour - apply general energy shower, disconnect draining connections, clean gastrointestinal system and liver, purify blood, apply regeneration of the brain cells;
  • 2nd hour - review techniques, discuss cases

Pranic Healers Club in Marlton, NJ
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Facilitator: Michael Borokhovsky

Cost: $40 pre-paid online, $60 at the door