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Kristen:  (Social worker, Mantua, NJ)  If you are a social worker, nurse, etc or work with people you really NEED at least the first course!  Learning how to clean your energy will help you tremendously. I was exhausted and overwhelmed after work most days. You pick up a lot of negative energy when you are helping people and it can be very draining. Now I know how to stop this from happening.  You are in a much better position to help others if your own energy is clean. I have learned Reiki and other healing techniques and this is by far the most easy to learn (and use) because it is so simple and effective.  I have been able to help friends, family and even my cat to feel better using these techniques.  If you have read Miracles through Pranic Healing this course will "fill in the gaps" and really help you to understand what Master Choa is talking about.  What really makes the course special is the instructor:  Natalie is a powerful healer, excellent teacher and so patient.  Her help during the course is invaluable. Love the Twin Hearts meditation too!  This course will change your life!  May 4, 2014.  
Jeralyn Hughes:  (RN, Auburn, MA)  Information was delivered in very logical sequences. Michael and Natalie are effective instructors. Will practice immidiately on self, family, friends and others. June 24, 2012. 
Idaherma Williams:
 (artist, Princeton, NJ)  It was an awesome class! My instructor Natalie is a wonderful healer and teacher. I hope to emulate her work in my own unique way as an artist. I give thanks to Master Choa Kok Sui for this work. I pray I may follow his foot steps to heal all that come to me. June 20, 2012.
Phil Welcome:
 (graphic designer, Collingswood, NJ)  So much happened and developed in a 2-day period that I am simply amazed at the progress and have deep gratitude toward Michael and Natalie. I am now a deep believer in Pranic Healing!  June 10, 2012.
Renee Varquez:
 (nurse, Collingswood, NJ)  I feel that I have learned new ways to recognize healing energy and techniques to use it for enabling my patients to have increased comfort and healing. I plan to utilize the techniques learned to assist in the care of my patients and enhance my ability to provide comfort. April 29, 2012. 
Sanjay Deopare:
 (Software professional, West Windsor, NJ I was not hoping before I joined the class that I will get such a valuable lesson. This is truly much greater than I expected. January 22, 2012. 
Simeon Eneh:
 (priest, Prato, Italy)  It is very interesting to come to the knowledge of a great wealth like pranic Healing, which God has naturally given to humanity. It's almost impossible to beleive! January 4, 2012.
Julia Eisenbeiss Broach:
 (acupuncturist, Norfolk, VA)  First rate class! I enjoyed it, learned a lot and came away feeling healed and more able to heal others. July 24, 2011. 
Elisabetta Rebuffi:
 (faux painter, Sestre Levante, Italy)  Natalie and Michael are wonderful people. I had the honor to know them and to learn from them: they have a big heart and very lovingly have shared a lot of information with us. Thank you.  April 10, 2011.
Carol Haslam:
 (writer, Philadelphia, PA)  I am smitten with Pranic Healing and look forward to continuing my education with Michael and Natalie. This class was a great 1st building block. Both Michael and Natalie were excellent, knowledgeable, kind, generous and totally accepting and encouraging. Pranic Healing can be used for myself, for those I know. I feel I can make a difference in places around the world instead of being helpless. March 27, 2011.
Susan Herron:
 (RN, MSN, nurse, White Plains, MD)  I plan to apply for holistic nurse BC Certification. I will "come-out" to my co-workers. I really wanted to learn about energy hygiene due to nature of my job.   January 16, 2011. 
Pierrot Jeannot, M.D.:
 (Medical Doctor, internal medicine, Brooklyn, NY)  Can't wait to practice what I've learned so far. January 16, 2011. 
Joyce Rader:
 (social worker, Pikesville, MD)  Interesting, educational, answered many questions, gave me a lot to think about. Will be helpful with my clients and it gives me another tool to help them heal. January 16, 2011. 
Don Manuel:
 (massage therapist, Springfield, PA)  Very well prepared instructors. Really learned the techniques deeply. I'm so impressed. Thank you. Thank you. I cannot say enough. One of the most important things I've ever done. A life changer! November 14, 2010.
Cindy Johnson:
 (caregiver, Levittown, PA)  Pranic Healing appears to be extremely valid approach to healing. I could definitely feel things going on with my hands such as warmth and/or pressure. The class was very well organized and structured. Michael allowed time for comments and questions during the class as well as offering breaks during the mornings and afternoons. The handout booklet was quite comprehensive and allowed room to take notes. Michael was exceptional as an instructor. His enthusiasm came thru the teaching and he was quite patient to answer all the questions asked of him. Everything was terrific and I look forward to the next class! November 14, 2010.
Ronald Jablonski:
 (Retired, Philadelphia, PA)  Michael and Natalie are in the class of their own: excellent teachers and I'm honored to be one of their students. October 24, 2010.
Nilza Figueroa:
 (Compliance Specialist, Delran, NJ)  Loved the "family" environment - everything was covered and there was plenty of flexibility to ask questions and discuss personal matters for the benefit of everyone. September 26, 2010.
Joanne Hanson:
 (Psychology Student, Philadelphia, PA)  Extremely friendly  and inviting from moment I walked in the door. Class format is very efficient and easy to understand. Great humor, compassion, concern for students understanding. I cannot wait to start practicing tomorrow. June 27, 2010.
Ellen Welcome:
 (Jewelry Designer, Collingswood, NJ)  Very  thorough and easy to understand. The class is very well organized and helpful visual demonstrations. June 27, 2010.
Christina Mathers:
 (Massage therapist, Salem, NJ)  It is very amazing what you can learn about Pranic Healing energy that I was unaware. Class format was wery educational - on point made and kept everyone interested. Made it fun, but serious at the same time. Michael and Natalie went beyond the teachings and gave good examples that then went into a deeper explanation. Learning the benefits of Pranic Healing opens up a new world of education and opens the mind - to want to learn more. I knew from the first moment I met Michael and Natalie that this is something that was a calling for me to do and I'm so glad that I followed the feeling. Thank you so much. June 27, 2010.

Amy Cowdright:
 (Massage therapist, West Grove, PA)  I enjoyed the class very much. Can't wait to take another one. Class format was very relaxing and informative. Michael and Natalie are a great team. Information was clear, questions were answered. Class was enjoyable and answered alot of questions that I had. April 11, 2010.
Marty Tanger:  (
Musician, Mt. Laurel, NJ)  Extremely knowledgeable. Excellent instructors, Displayed great patience and humor. The class is extremely useful and beneficial. I'm looking forward to taking advanced classes. February 21, 2010.
Sharon Johnson:  (Massage therapist, Westampton, NJ)  Geniune and open instructors. Very patient with students with no experience and knowledge of Pranic Healing. February 21, 2010.
Rosemary Brahin:  (Author, Cherry Hill, NJ)  The experience that I went through helped me realized, how much I love God/my faith/Pranic Healing. November 8, 2009.
Jessica Hugle-Foster:  (Massage therapist, Berlin, NJ)  The instructors were knowledgeable and presented the information clearly. I think this class is a must for everyone. November 8, 2009.

Deborah Dera: (Philadelphia Massage Therapy Examiner, Runnemede, NJ) Click here to read Deborah's article on Pranic Healing in the magazine. June 11, 2009.

Oneida Reynolds:  (Teacher, tax-preparer, Glassboro, NJ)  Very impressive techniques of healing, easy to follow. Instructor explained in details and answered all questions related to topics effectively. Great benefit for my good health and others. September 27, 2009.

Fabia Ranni: (Medical Assistant, Monroe, NY)  I want to say thank you for this great experience that definitely changed and lightened my being. September 27, 2009.
Karen Marcason:  (Retired Teacher, North Brunswick, NJ)  Can’t wait to practice Pranic Healing techniques and learn more. September 27, 2009.
Susan Hughes:  (Massage Therapist, Fleetwood, PA)  A lot of great valuable information. I am grateful for the opportunity to take this class. September 27, 2009.
Carol Busch:  (UPS Driver, Exton, PA)  I am very impressed with the gentle effectiveness of Pranic Healing.  Extremely loving and spiritual practice. The class was full of information in an easy to understand and easy to follow format. Michael and Natalie were awesome, very attentive and loving throughout the class. I’m looking forward to utilizing the Pranic Healing techniques and meaning to enhance my life and the lives of those around me.  September 13, 2009.
Margo Bluhm:  (Licensed Massage Therapist, Newark, DE)  Both Michael and Natalie were patient and worked closely with the students. Pranic Healing can be used in conjunction with massage therapy. September 13, 2009.
Karen Reading:  (Shiatsu instructor, Sarasota, FL)  Awesome class. I could feel passion and enthusiasm from the instructors. Like the emphasis on Loving Kindness and doing the right thing. July 26, 2009.
Eileen Cannon:  (Technical Writer, Laurel Spring, NJ)  Michael was very thorough, used a logical process and took time to explain and summarize.  I learned a lot and already helped friend after first day learning in the class. This was a loving and profound class. We learned tools and practices that will benefit every level in actual life. July 26, 2009.
Steven Streit:  (Medical Doctor, Howell,NJ)  Michael is a very effective instructor. This course will change the way I practice medicine. July 26, 2009.
Dulce Simoes:  (Housewife, Newark, NJ)  The class is very well structured. I am very surprised and content with all the possibilities that Pranic Healing has to offer. It surpassed my expectations. April 26, 2009.
Charlotte Woodland:  (Senior Account Manager, Princeton, NJ)  This class far exceeded my expectations. It was a wonderful experience and a gift that will change my life. The class was comfortable and intimate enough with hands-on. Michael and Natalie are incredible. Such wonderful knowledge was imparted from the heart.  Will help my file to heal myself, be a better person, to help others and follow my path. April 26, 2009.
Monica Shaw:  (Housewife, New Brunswick, NJ)  I enjoyed this class. It was a wonderful experience for me. I will never forget this ever. This is an eye opener for me. Thanks to everyone who made this possible. April 26, 2009.
Barbara Dominick:  (Healing Practitioner, Bronx, NY)  Beautiful healing modality that can be learned by anyone for themselves and their loved ones. April 26, 2009.
Pavithra Natarajan:  (IT Professional, Robbinsville, NJ) This class has helped me grow spiritually and has opened my knowledge and appreciation towards self and others. March 23, 2009.
Pat Kehner:  (Accounting Assistant, Wilmington, DE)  I love the progression of the class. I loved all the higher self love connection. The instructors were truly sincere and truly shared their love.  April 5, 2009.
Jeanne Badlato:  (Mechanical Designer, Wilmington, DE)  I learned a lot of tools to start using immediately. Some tools are just what I need right now in my life to move forward.  April 5, 2009.
Anita Narayan:  (IT Professional, Eagleville, PA)  Natalie and Michael are very passionate about their work and bring lot of knowledge, enthusiasm and energy to the class. February 8, 2009.
 Corey Sokoloff:    (Yoga Practitioner, Philadelphia PA )  Very Well put together, I had complete confidence in Michael and Natalie and their teachings. Michael and Natalie were very patient and understanding in relating information to me. The demonstrations were very helpful. So much to incorporate into my fife for improvement.  Nov 16, 2008.
Beth Lloyd:   (Massage Therapist, Wimington, DE)    Very beneficial information and practices. I hope to use these techniques on myself, friends, family and clients.  Nov 16, 2008.
Amita Talati, M.D.  (Psychiatrist, Voorhees, NJ)     Very well organized [class]. The information is very helpful. The instructor is very knowledgeable, very caring and giving. Will use in practice of healing. March 22, 2009.
Michele Weiner:  (Teacher, New Castle, DE)     Natalie was a great loving coach for first full protocol. Michael was knowledgeable and passionate.  Nov 16, 2008.
Audrey Hilardi:  (Massage Therapist, Sweetwater, NJ)  I’ll definitely use this modality of healing. Lots of information to get and maintain. Very useful and fascinating. My brain is overloaded. This feels more comfortable to me than other forms of energy healing I’ve learned.  Nov 2, 2008.
Pedro Pena:  (Massage Therapist, Trenton, NJ) The class was excellent. It was a great experience and I honestly learned some new interesting things.  Nov 2, 2008.
Elaine Prendergast:   (Clinical Social Worker,  Merchantville, NJ)  Massive amount of information beautifully presented.  Michael’s use of metaphor and analogy clarified new concepts well. Very pleased with concepts of life energy, plenty of practice time.   Michael appears to live the principles he teaches. Genuine humility and commitment enhanced presentation.  He is extremely knowledgeable and supportive.   My personal experience from healing was amazing. I felt decrease of physical stress, increase of peace, serenity and spiritual connection.  Had fun developing energy sensitivity. I will use these techniques on myself, family and clients who are interested.  Feb 24, 2008.
Christine Taliercio:   (Acupuncturist, Manalapan, NJ)  Very well run and organized and easy to understand. Will use immediately on myself, friends, relatives.  Nov 2, 2008.
Anonymous:  Excellent content and energy. Very good topics covered about the energy concept. Great benefit and usefulness. Definitely suggesting to everyone.  Nov 2, 2008.
Nilda Johnson, RN:  (Operating room nurse, Willingboro, NJ)   A wonderful course that should be required for all healthcare professionals. Well organized and magnetically presented. Well prepared and extremely knowledgeable.  We’ll be able to apply everyday at the hospital.  July 13, 2008.
Nancy Radice:   (Acupuncturist, King of Prussia, PA)  Both Michael and Natalie are very loving and dedicated healers. The information was presented simply and effectively. Especially the cleansing techniques will be very helpful for my work.   July 13, 2008.
Eva Zeller:  (Acupuncturist, Philadelphia, PA)   Good stuff – a different spin on things I’ve been doing for years without really understanding why. I’m very grateful for the notes. Lots of knowledge and enthusiasm.  I’m looking forward  to using energy hygiene techniques!  July 13, 2008.
Jeff Tambor:  (Healer in training, Warren, NJ)  Teachers are very knowledgeable, willing and eager to share teachings, wisdom and loving energy. Powerful healing modality. Covered well all necessary aspects and practice opportunities. Assisted in developing sensitivity and refining learning techniques in a kind and gentle manner. Feel wonderful, clear, healthy and grateful for the many priceless teachings and tools. It was excellent as is, much gratitude and blessings for the service rendered and teachings.  May 4, 2008.
Rishi Arora:  (IT Consultant, North Bergen, NJ) Felt great after Meditation and Pranic work of students. The instructors are very kind and loving people. Good mix between lecture, lessons and hands-on-work.  Michael was great instructor, hardworking and attentive loving. Activated my chakras and made me healthier and happy.  May 4, 2008.
Louise Carpenter, RN:   (Nurse Case Manager, Ephrata, PA)  Very caring and very patient instructor. Using Pranic Healing hopefully will be possible in my home practice.   May 4, 2008.
Beth Workman:  (Massage Therapist, Georgetown, DE)  This class was fabulous. So much information was put into 2 days. Instructors were so helpful to us as students. I was smiling for most of the time and very blessed to be here and grateful for the knowledge and energy of Borokhovsky family.  May 4, 2008.
Patty Blanchfield:  (Hypnotist, Reiki practitioner, Wilmington, DE )  Tons of information!  Well organized and easy to follow. Instructor was full of knowledge and more than willing to share with the class. Beneficial in all areas of life.  May 4, 2008.
Brenda Corbett:  (Massage Therapist, Mt. Ephraim, NJ)  Appreciated Natalie’s and Michael validations of my abilities ...  May 4, 2008.
Amanda Simone:   (Massage Therapist, Somerdale, NJ)   The class was very insightful! I will be taking more classes. Thank you for the wonderful experience!  May 4, 2008.
Susan Rissolo:  (Massage Therapist, Wilmington, DE)  Can’t wait to use it! Wonderful, practical and I feel great! Thank you!  May 4, 2008.
Sharon Hardy:  (Strategic OD Facilitator, Cherry Hill, NJ) A great blessings to have you here, sharing this work! I do feel  I learned many basic techniques that will be extremely helpful!  April 6, 2008.
Linda Voorhis:  (Reginal Director, Runnemede, NJ )   Easy to understand. Uses great analogies to make the point.  Feb 24, 08. Very well presented.  Looking forward to practicing and taking other classes.  Sept 23, 2007.
Emily Heebner:   (Massage Therapist, PA)  So much Love, Care, Knowledge and Certainty of Principles, with great Warmth!  Michael presented everything with passion. I will carry the information into daily living. I will feel the benefits in my life and relationships. The course was very informative and enjoyable in addition to all information presented.  Feb 24, 2008.
Hope Dembrosky:  (Massage Therapist, Edgewater Park, NJ)   The love from Michael and Natalie is tremendous.  Showed all techniques, answer all questions. Excellent alternative to helping my clients with physical injuries too pained to touch. I felt very welcomed and both of you gave me a great sense of being. All of you are blessed! Thank you for letting me experience the 2 of you!  Feb 24, 2008.
Justine Jacobs:   (Massage Therapist, West Chester, PA)  I would definitely recommend this class to anyone.  Michael was great and it was wonderful having Natalie in the room.  I hope to use this with my clients in addition to using it for my own benefit.  Feb 24, 2008.
Marietta Solimeo:   (Medical Transportation/Pianist, Pennsauken, NJ)   Thank you so much for the wonderful wisdom and teaching. I think it will take a few days to absorb all the information.  Feb 24, 2008.
Anonymous:  Good location. Clear purpose from start to finish. Outgoing clear vocal presentation. Can now practice Pranic Healing, self care, Meditation, breathing.   Nov 10, 2007.
Marites Mangonon:   (Edgewater Park, NJ)   I am overwhelmed with thanks and blessings. This workshop and your teachings through Master Choa Kok Sui is a blessing. Thank you!  Nov 10, 2007.
Chandler Kohli:   (Business owner, Iselin, NJ)  I like the general atmosphere of the class. Felt comfortable and at ease. Taught the class in easy manner. Michael was very competent and went beyond the topic to answer our questions.
Joyce Frigen:   (Massage Therapist,Edgewater Park, NJ)  I really enjoyed and felt this was the Best and most useful energy class that I have ever taken. I’m looking forward to taking more. Thank you.  Sept 23, 2007.
Martha Alexander, RN:  ( retired, Edison, NJ )  The course was outstanding and will be a new beginning to me.  Michael explains so simple so I could understand.  Sept 23, 2007.
Santisree Tanikella:  (Medical Student, Freehold, NJ)  This class was held in very loving environment and made learning and practicing a lot easier. March 18, 2007 .

To Know. To Remember. To Practice. To Master.