Meditation is a perfect natural tool for stress management and personal growth. Mother Earth globally and each of us individually need peace and healing. Experience this amazing Meditation on Twin Hearts to fill yourself with Light and Deep Peace. We offer evening and daytime group sessions to accomodate any schedule.

Meditation and Healing Nights

Follow the link above to read about this weekly service to the community. Meditation in a group generates tremendous amount of purifying loving energy for global and personal healing.
After the Meditation, you can treat yourself to a mini- pranic healing sessions to relieve pain, further relax and clear your mind.

Lunchtime Meditation

This is our daytime meditation service for working professionals and busy moms. Realease stress and re-charge to effectively handle whatever comes your way.

Meditation CD

Follow the link above to learn about different versions of the Meditation on Twin Hearts, Planetary Peace Meditation, Meditation on Loving-Kindness available on audio CD for purchase.

Inner Peace and Serenity

"Meditation on Twin Hearts is a true gift from the Great Ones"