Pranic Healing Clinic

Follow the link to learn about our popular Pranic Healing treatments performed by an experienced certified pranic healer and instructor.

Pranic ER

Would you like a Pranic Healing session done urgently for you or your loved ones? When minutes count, use our Pranic Energy Rescue service.

Treat yourself to this pranic beauty treatment that restores the radiant glow of the face, tightens facial and neck skin, de-stresses your whole system.

New to Pranic Healing? No problem. This page will explain what to expect during your first visit to a pranic healer.

Receptivity is an important factor of a successful Pranic Healing session. Find out how to prepare yourself or your loved ones for a scheduled distant session to easily absorb pranic energy and maximize the benefits of your treatment.

Learn more about our healers. We use only highly-skilled professional Certified Pranic Healers who are blessed to learn this powerful art and science from the founder himself, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Feel the energy of the great Master channeled by his devoted disciples.

Pranic Healing believes in Integrative Approach to healing, appreciating the work of medical doctors on the physical body while an experienced pranic healer addresses the issues of energy bodies. The best result is achievable when both aspects of healing are present.